Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ !
We'd like you to meet a few people from Bulgaria

We are honored to serve as American Baptist International Ministries missionaries in Bulgaria. We're here because of the generous support of American Baptist Churches, family, and friends. Our missionaries activities include working with Christian friends in Bulgaria's capital city of Sofia, as well as in cities outside of Sofia such as Pleven, Guliantse, and Dobrich.

This is Pastor Ivan Vassileff and his wife Tedi. Ivan is the pastor the church in Guliantsi. He is also in charge of the construction of their new church building. During the summer the family lives in Guliantsi, but during the rest of the year they live in Sofia where Ivan attends classes at the Evangelical Seminary. He commutes the three hours to Guliantsi each weekend to lead the services.

Now let us introduce you to Tatiana and her parents, Jelo and Mariana. They raise wheat, corn and sunflowers, all of which they feed to their animals, including milk cows, pigs and chickens. This summer they were able to raise enough feed for their animals to get them through the upcoming winter because American Baptists provided them with money to buy fertilizer which helped them increase their production.

This is Veska and her husband Ratcho along with our two boys, A.J. and Nathan. Veska and Ratcho live in the town of Dobrich in northeastern Bulgaria. They also own a small plot of land, about 7 acres, near the village of Kremena some 20 miles from Dobrich. Because of the generosity of American Baptists they were able to participate in a cooperative that raises sunflowers for oil. The income they earn from their portion of the sunflowers will be used to supplement their combined monthly pension of 205 Leva, or about $117.


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About Our Family

Family photo

This is our family. Terry, Tom, A.J., and Nathan Myers. Our Bulgaria ministry began in 2002 after being commissioned by International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches, and then moving to a private residence on the outskirts of Sofia. We both received degrees from Colorado State University in Ft. Collins, Tom's in Vocational Agriculture and Terry's in Graphic Design. A.J. is studying at the University of Denver, and Nathan is in his last year at an English-speaking secondary school in Sofia.

Photos of our Bulgaria Ministries

These photos show some of the ways we're helping people in Bulgaria, such as providing micro-enterprise loans that enable individuals and families to start their own businesses or to expand existing businesses. In addition, Tom is helping local churches and families by providing animals, seeds, fertilizers, and the necessary training so they can raise some of their own food. Terry is working with Roma children to learn English in a Wednesday after-school class held at the Sofia Baptist Church. We also host mission teams from the U.S. who come here to do in-country projects that we coordinate and participate in.

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