Sofia Friday afternoon "Awana" Bible classes for kids

This ablum shows photos of the weekly Sofia "Awana" Bible classes Every Friday after school, Tom and Terry help conduct a Bible class for kids from ages 6 through 16 that AJ and Nathan participate in, held at a local English-speaking school in Sofia. The kids are separated by age groups to first do something fun like the "Crazy Hat Contest" shown in the photos. Then they have a Bible study-time to see how many new Bible verses each can learn, where the kids repeat their learned verses to an adult volunteer for accuracy and credit. The team of kids that learns the most verses gets a special prize at the end of the class. During good weather, the kids also go outside to play some kind of game involving physical exercise, like "Knock Over the Baton" shown in the photos. At the end of the class, the kids meet together again to hear a message about Jesus' teachings and having faith in God from an adult volunteer, followed by prayer. This is a great way to end a week of school!